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The New Frontier – THC and CBD Concentrates

The time has finally arrived!

It has been confirmed that concentrates are now legal to produce and sell in Montana dispensaries. Although the rules on producing them have not been established, the implementation of SB333 allows for the possession and sale of these products.

In light of this fantastic news, I cancelled a vacation so that I could drop off my first ever batch of Butane Honey (BHO) at Flower downtown this Monday, June 18. When Brooks St. opens on Tuesday, we will have it there as well. While we are waiting on some packaging and supplies to arrive, we will only carry a limited amount of shatter in .5g and 1g amounts. It is going to be popular, so make sure and stop by soon so you can try some!

I have vapor pens ordered which will have cartridges of BHO as well as terpene infused distillate. I am also working on Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) in suppository form at the request of some of  Flower’s cancer patients. I will also carry Rosin in small batches. Also, I am processing high CBD versions of all these products.

If the previous paragraph sounds like a foreign language to you, don’t worry!

I am going to talk a little about these products in this newsletter and I will have some handouts as well as videos playing in the waiting area which will help educate you. I am going to keep things pretty simple for now – we have plenty of time to dive into specifics as we walk down this road together.

Concentrates are basically the separation of the active compounds from the plant matter in Cannabis. There are many different extraction methods and each one produces a unique product. I will give a brief overview of the ones that Flower will be carrying to start with.

Butane Honey (BHO)
As the names suggests, BHO uses butane as a solvent for extraction. The butane is then removed with a vacuum oven. The end product is smoked by itself (dabbing) or by simply adding some to your cannabis and smoking it out of a pipe or bong. When BHO is firm (like the picture above) it is called shatter. When it is super sticky and cloudy, it is called budder. They are both the same thing, but shatter is more easy to deal with. Regardless, the stuff is sticky, and should not be left in hot cars. The best method is to store it in your freezer so that way you can handle it easier. THC content is normally 75% to 90%.

Distillate is the process of taking BHO and refining it even further. Distillate is top shelf product, with THC levels up to 99%. It is clear oil with no taste or smell, because all of the terpenes and flavonoids have been removed along with other impurities that may be present. Because the product is flavorless, it is common to add terpenes back into the product. Distillate is typically used in edibles or in vapor pens.

Vapor Pens 
Because concentrates are sticky and hard to deal with, many people like using them in vapor pens. There are two main types of vapor pens – the disposable wick based pens and coil based pens which are meant to be reused. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The disposable wick pens must have the product thinned with Proapaethylene glycol in order to work, and many times these pens leak when they get too hot. That said, they are super easy to use, discreet (they look like regular vape pens), and require no maintenance. The coil pens use coils so you can use the product without a thinning agent. This means they are stronger in potency and have more flavor. The downside is that they require lots of maintenance, are expensive, and are many times rather large.

Rosin uses pressure to extract. This all natural process retains all the compounds and comes out looking much like budder. Yields are very low on rosin, so prices are very high.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) 
RSO is essentially distillate. Maximum potency and purist quality. RSO is not generally used recreationally. It is used when patients want to slow the progression of diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s, etc. It is generally injested.

Rest assured, our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you with all the new products as they come out. We also have one of the finest accessory shops right around the corner who can assist you in finding a system for medicating with concentrates that will best suit your needs.

I would like to say thanks to all of you for your loyalty to Flower. We are committed to quality and compliance, and as such, would not produce or sell concentrates until there was a legal way to do it. Even though we have not sold them until now, we are well aware of the importance and medical benefit these products bring patients. As always, Flower is committed to offering every product legally available and is excited to expand into concentrates (even if it means maxxing out a credit card and missing a vacation or two).