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I am furious. Jeff Sessions is trying to restart a front of the failed War on Drugs – a war on marijuana. How long will low-income communities, communities of color, our children, and our veterans ...

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What a wonderful, challenging year it has been for the Cannabis community in Montana.

Buoyed by the overwhelming passage of I-182-gardens have been replanted, stores and testing labs opened, and patients have more options and normalcy than ever before.

2017 saw the passage of a bi-partisan regulatory bill from our state legislature that has cleared many obstacles to compliance and allows MT providers to offer modern cannabis products for the first time.

If there is a single word to describe 2017 it would be growth. And although growth necessitates change and all the stresses that come with it - it is important to remember that this was the best possible outcome we could have wished for and the one MT patients deserve.

At Flower, 2017 has brought the opening of a second Missoula dispensary, a Flathead location, a commercial kitchen, an extraction lab, and a cultivation facility. None of which would be possible without the trust and support of our patients, both old and new. From the bottom of my heart - thank you. Please know that I will continue to put my creative energy and resources into making it a better experience for all of you in 2018. And thank you for your patience and feedback as we walk down this road of discovery together!

I would also like to thank the Flower team. Never in my wildest dreams would I have been able to assemble such a dream team of like minded people who are determined to help Flower be the best dispensary in Montana. We have met all of our 2017 goals - great job.

I would also like to thank the hard working volunteers of the MTCIA and all of it’s members. We have accomplished so much by coming together as a group with a single voice. To do that has taken compromise, patience, generosity, and thick skin (I am still working on that one, lol). I am proud to work on behalf of Montana’s sick patients with each and every one of you and wish you the greatest success in your businesses.

Finally, I would like to thank my wife, partner, and best friend, Kate Long. She does more work and gets less credit than anyone else. Flower would not be what it is without you, Kate. I am so thankful to have you in my life.

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!
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