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Katie, 33 – Bozeman, MT



Katie, 33  –  Bozeman, MT



Katie is fighting for her life. She has stage 3 breast cancer and a blood clot in her heart, which requires twice daily injections. 44 hours ago, Katie was in the emergency room. 26 hours ago she was debating Steve Zabawa, and 22 hours ago, this photograph was taken. Katie is the embodiment of everything this show is about. She is a daughter, a wife, a mother, an attorney, a Montanan.

A year ago she had never even tried cannabis. Now, weeks before her double mastectomy is scheduled, she is traveling the state, battling ignorance and fear.

Does cannabis help? Why don’t you ask Katie?

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Jennifer, 36 – Nebraska


Jennifer, 36  –  Nebraska

Lyme Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome

Jennifer’s condition went undiagnosed for years. During that time her weakened immune system opened the door for eight diseases and numerous infections, one of which, Leaky Gut Syndrome causes medicines to go straight into her bloodstream, which causes her body to reject it. She is also hypersensitive to foods, allergens, smells, and chemicals.

But rather than let it bring her down, Jennifer has used her condition to embrace a natural, mindful approach – which is a positive force that moves her forward in in her life. Cannabis compliments this lifestyle – for Jennifer, it is the tool in her bag she uses sparingly to help with the most intense spikes.”