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Kennley, 26 – Polson, MT


Kenney, 26  –  Polson, MT



Kennley’s symptoms began in high school with chest pains and body aches. The pain was so severe that he became a patient in the MMJ program before he was diagnosed with T Cell Lymphoma at the age of 26. By that time, a tumor had destroyed his septum and sinus, and he was severely underweight.

Although cannabis was unable to help with the most intense pain of chemo, “It has been an enormous benefit throughout, both mentally and physically. My doctors were shocked that I was able to gain 25lbs during chemo. Cannabis allows me to eat each day, and I continue to gain weight and strength. It is also highly effective with the host of side effects I continue to have with my battle with cancer.”

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Guin, 36 – San Francisco, CA


Guin, 36 San Francisco


Crohn’s Disease and Stephen Johnson’s Syndrome


Guin was diagnosed with Stephen Johnson’s Syndrome after a life threatening car accident in her teens, where they rushed her into emergency surgery upon arrival. During her operation, her doctors discovered that she had an extremely rare, potentially lethal allergy to sulfa, which is used in majority of medications. While she lay open on the operating table, her entire body, skin, and vital organs began to swell to the point that doctors could not complete the surgery or close her incisions.

After laying open for 4 days, with the advice from colleagues across the country, the surgeons had finally come to the conclusion that cannabis may be the only answer to save this young girl’s life, so they found a vapor pen and administered highly concentrated doses of THC. “Without cannabis, I would have died, the doctors would not have been able to keep me comfortable enough to finish my surgery. Even now, when I go to a dentists appointment, I have to prepare ahead of time and self-medicate.”