Bobby Long

Pam, 58 – Missoula, MT

  Pam, 58  –   Missoula, MT   Chronic Pain Back in 2007, Pam had a rapid series of injuries and failed surgeries to both her knees after suffering a workplace accident. She developed muscular fibrosis, which, over time, permanently stiffened her legs and causes her constant, intense pain. Pam, once passionately active, found herself needing a wheelchair and struggling to cope with her handicap and the anger and depression that came with it. Cannabis helps her significantly with virtually all…

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Jake, 20 Ronan, MT

  Jake, 20  –  Ronan, MT   Autism, Epilepsy, Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes Jake’s father, Rich was running out of options. They had tried every pharmaceutical doctors had recommended to control Jakes outbursts but none helped – some even made things worse. So Rich researched cannabis as a last resort option, “We wanted him to be able to function, to enjoy his life. My wife was hesitant until we administered the first dose”. That was a day they will never forget…

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