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Jake, 20 Ronan, MT



Jake, 20  –  Ronan, MT


Autism, Epilepsy, Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes

Jake’s father, Rich was running out of options. They had tried every pharmaceutical doctors had recommended to control Jakes outbursts but none helped – some even made things worse.

So Rich researched cannabis as a last resort option, “We wanted him to be able to function, to enjoy his life. My wife was hesitant until we administered the first dose”. That was a day they will never forget – “ He smiled, he was happy. The difference was obvious,” said his father. From that day forward, they both became vocal advocates of cannabis therapy. “ We began telling other parents struggling with Autistic children in our church and on social media groups to try cannabis. We are thankful everyday that a god given plant can help our son.”

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Kevin, 26 Great Falls, MT


Kevin, 26  –  Great Falls, MT


Kevin was 21 when, following a bout with swine flu, the first seizure happened. He has no memory of that time, but when he awoke in the hospital he was told he had six grand mal seizures over two days. As he puts it, “I have two lives – before and after.

His memory and cognitive function was so damaged that when he returned to college that fall, he couldn’t even get around campus, much less retain the information needed to attend classes.

When asked if cannabis helps with his seizures, he remains skeptical. “Nothing has stopped my seizures, not even the implant in my chest that sends electrical pulses to my brain.” Despite that, cannabis drastically reduces the duration and intensity of the aura (the time immediately before a seizure), and also cuts his recovery time from days to an hour, even less.

He is also curious if concentrated CBD could help him, but due to Montana law, he has been unable to try it. Without a local option, Kevin must sometimes drive himself hours to Missoula to purchase medicine, even though he has totaled two cars over the years. He does not remember either accident.