Bobby Long

Levi, 42 – Ennis, MT

  Levi, 42  –  Ennis, MT   Multiple Sclerosis Although Levi was ultimately not deployed, he was inoculated multiple times. Within two years of his honorable discharge, he was feeling the early symptoms of his disease, although he didn’t know it at the time. The stress of his declining health and inadequate VA coverage slowly drained all he worked for, and he even found himself homeless in Missoula for a time. The MS clamped down on his legs and the…

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Ed, 58 – Missoula, MT

  Ed, 58  –   Missoula, MT Chronic Pain Ed is on the extreme side of chronic pain. A horrific knee injury in the Army, a head on collision auto accident, bulging discs, back spasms and degenerative arthritis leave him, “ in a constant pain rotation” which leaves him unable to stand, sit, or lie down for more than a few minutes at a time. His doctors have recommended multiple surgeries, which he hopes to someday try, but the reality…

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